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You can submit your objection straight to Hertsmere Council via their own web portal.

Before you do, we strongly suggest you tackle it with the help of this guide.


As you probably know, government bureaucracy can be a headache and this form looks seriously off putting. Remember: nothing worth having comes easy, but this guide may make it slightly easier.


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Once you’ve registered on the portal, you might find these direct links useful:

Site R1: – – 350 houses on Kemprow Farm / Land north of Watford Road

Site R3: – – 195 houses between Shenley Hill and Theobald Street / Land south east of Shenley Hill, Radlett

The smaller sites (known as the “other” sites by Hertsmere) are all bundled together on the portal. 

HEL214 – – 75 houses south of Theobold Street

HEL220 – – 40 houses at Porters Park Golf Club on Shenley Hill

HEL222 – – 10 houses behind 5-15 Cobden Hill

HEL231 – – 90 houses at Starveacres, 16 Watford Road Radlett

To comment on these other Radlett sites, click on the comment tab at the top of their section

There are also a number of development sites in the Aldenham parish villages.

HEL179 – –  10 houses on Hilfield Lane, Patchetts Green

HEL180  – – 15 houses in Kemprow, between White House and Adelaide Lodge

HEL199 – – 10 houses at Church Lane, Aldenham village

HEL219/252 – – 15 houses Pegmire Lane, Patchetts Green

HEL345 – – 30 houses at Aldenham Glebe, Roundbush – currently the site of the Roundbush Garden Centre & Nursery and Plants Direct. Note, these businesses will be forced to close and are very much against this proposal.

HEL509 – – 10 houses at Little Simpsons, Letchmore Heath

To comment on the sites in the parish villages, click on the comment tab at the top of their section