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Save Hertsmere was originally set up to aggregate all local campaigns against the council’s Draft Local Plan to build over 12,000 homes over 2,500 acres (almost 15%)  of our entire Green Belt on Green Belt land.

Thanks to your support and objections (18k+ of them!) we forced our Councillors to listen and shelve the plan.

However, by not providing an acceptable draft Local Plan the first time around, this has put our Green Belt at risk. Without a five-year housing supply, our Green Belt is now open to developer destruction.

Our Local Councillors are there to represent us, so they should be rejecting ALL Green Belt proposals until we as residents can be properly consulted on a new and better Local Plan.

Numerous applications on the Green Belt have been submitted since the Plan was shelved and since approved. The map below highlights the danger facing us all.

We must continue to work together to object to these applications and ensure our elected Councillors listen to us the residents of Hertsmere.

Thank you for your continued support. 

Reasons to Object

Greenbelt loss: The greenbelt was created to prevent urban sprawl by keeping green buffers between settlements. It is the lungs of London

Threat to the natural environment:The destruction of our green areas means a loss of natural habitats and is a threat to wild life

Loss of Farmland: Means a loss of local produce

Climate Crisis: How will we ever meet our carbon reduction commitments if we concrete over our green fields?


Pollution: Created by traffic from the 1030 new homes

Infrastructure: Pressure on roads, schools, trains & medical services

Out of date: Housing demand has actually fallen according to government data

You may have your own to add too. Make sure you list them all when you submit an objection.

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