campaign against the hertsmere local plan

Quick Facts


Reasons to Object

Greenbelt loss: The greenbelt was created to prevent urban sprawl by keeping green buffers between settlements. It is the lungs of London

Threat to the natural environment:The destruction of our green areas means a loss of natural habitats and is a threat to wild life

Loss of Farmland: Means a loss of local produce

Climate Crisis: How will we ever meet our carbon reduction commitments if we concrete over our green fields?

Pollution: Created by traffic from the 1030 new homes

Infrastructure: Pressure on roads, schools, trains & medical services

Out of date: Housing demand has actually fallen according to government data

These are just some of the reasons to object to the Plan.

If you want more info, have a look at this document from

You may have your own to add too. Make sure you list them all when you submit an objection.