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Little Bushey

ACT NOW to object to Hertsmere Borough Council’s plan to build 1200 houses and two schools in Little Bushey Lane. 350 at Harts Farm and 850 near Farm Way.

STOP the mass destruction of all of Little Bushey’s Green Belt.


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Did you know?

Hertsmere Borough Council plans to build nearly 3,000 houses in Bushey, 1200 of them in Little Bushey alone.


Reasons to Object

Greenbelt loss: The greenbelt was created to prevent urban sprawl by keeping green buffers between settlements. It is the lungs of London

Threat to the natural environment: The destruction of our green areas means a loss of natural habitats and is a threat to wild life

Loss of Farmland: Means a loss of local produce

Climate Crisis:  How will we ever meet our carbon reduction commitments if we concrete over our green fields?

Pollution:  Created by traffic from the new homes

Infrastructure:  Pressure on roads, schools, trains & medical services

Out of date:  Housing demand has actually fallen according to government data

These are just some of the reasons to object to the Plan.

If you want more info, have a look at this document from

You may have your own to add too. Make sure you list them all when you submit an objection. 

Little Bushey is in Danger

Object now before it’s too late!

What can I do?

ACT NOW to object to the Draft Local Plan to build 350 houses and a school on Harts Farm and a further 850 houses, shop and school further along Little Bushey Lane, all on Green Belt

Act Now

Object now and register your views

    Alternative ways to object and have your say.

    And… why not email your local councillors!

    You can copy the text from our email.

    Oliver Dowden MP

    Cllr Morris Bright – Leader of Hertsmere Council

    Cllr Harvey Cohen – Portfolio holder for Planning at Hertsmere Council

    Cllr John Graham – Aldenham East

    Cllr Lucy Selby – Aldenham East

    Cllr Caroline Clapper – Aldenham West

    Cllr David Lambert  – Aldenham West

    Local Plan Consultation
    Hertsmere Borough Council
    3 Elstree Way
    WD6 9SR