Building Film and TV Studios on 38 acres on the Green Belt

ACT NOW to object to Hertsmere Council  against the planning application to build Film and TV studios on 38 acres on the Green Belt around Borehamwood, Elstree, Shenley and  Ridge. Please object by  the 30th October 2022

Reasons to Object

Green Belt loss: The Green Belt was created to prevent urban sprawl and protect the openness of the landscape. These very large buildings will be clearly visible and move development towards neighbouring settlements. If accepted, they could also set a worrying precedent for further development. There is the threat of noise and light pollution. Alternative sites have not been considered.

Threat to the natural environment: This application destroys our Green Belt resulting in a significant net loss to biodiversity, and it unclear if there is any compensation deliverable and if it has been properly costed.

Loss of Land: This land has been used for local leisure including grazing for horses at one of the largest horse stables in the locality for many decades.

Climate Crisis: Hertsmere declared a climate emergency in 2019 but there has not been adequate consideration that by removing soil and vegetation from this Green Belt land carbon is lost and carbon sinks removed. Alternative sites could create the opportunity to re-purpose existing brownfield land and buildings.

Pollution: and Infrastructure: Only 88 local jobs are guaranteed, with 1,600 other jobs that will commute in and put further strain on our area. The transport plan does not consider any impact of traffic on other parts of Borehamwood, and on Shenley, Ridge, Elstree or beyond

You may have your own objections to add too. Make sure you list them all when you submit your objection. Just edit our on-line objection by add your text to the letter


Dear Hertsmere Green Belt supporter,

Thank you for being part of the 18,000 objections against Hertsmere’s draft Local Plan which proposed building over 2,500 acres (almost 15%)   of our entire Green Belt.

Your support and objections forced our Councillors to listen and shelve the plan. However, by not providing an acceptable draft Local Plan the first time around, this has put our Green Belt at risk. Without a five-year housing supply, our Green Belt is now open to developer destruction.

Act Now

Our Local Councillors are there to represent us, so they should be rejecting ALL Green Belt proposals until we as residents can be properly consulted on a new and better Local Plan.

Numerous applications on the Green Belt have been submitted since the Plan was shelved and since approved. The map below highlights the danger facing us all.

We must continue to work together to object to these applications and ensure our elected Councillors listen to us the residents of Hertsmere.

Over the summer, and with an updated website, Save Hertsmere will re-connect with all local ‘Save’ Groups who promise to protect our Green Belt. We therefore need  your continued support. 

If you are a local action group working to protect the Green Belt in your area of Hertsmere, or wish to join our campaign, please contact us at: to join up and work with us, as together we are stronger.

Object now and register your views

    Alternative ways to object and have your say.

    Hertsmere Planning Department

    And… why not email your local councillors!

    You can copy the text from our email.

    Oliver Dowden MP

    Cllr Morris Bright – Leader of Hertsmere Council

    Cllr Harvey Cohen – Portfolio holder for Planning at Hertsmere Council

    Cllr Rebecca Challice

    Cllr Dan Ozarow

    Cllr Brett Rosehill

    Planning Department
    Hertsmere Borough Council
    3 Elstree Way
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